Unique Musical Composition incorporating Potent Brainwave and Chakra Harmonics


Each chakra has an associated colour and vibration. We have synthesized each chakra vibration in the laboratory and recorded them.

Each time you listen to the specific chakra vibration – that chakra is stimulated.

The chakra frequencies will very quickly set up a dominant harmonic in the brains electrical activity spectrum ( it does it more quickly than many of our other products as no induction period is needed – this has another big advantage which I will explain later).

The chakra will then start to resonate in harmony with the dominant frequency in the brain. This stimulation will clear any blockages in that particular chakra allowing energy to flow more easily through the energy pathways.

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Muladhara – Root Chakra

Swadhistana – Sacral Chakra

Manipura – Solar Plexus Chakra

Anahata – Heart Chakra

Vishuddhi – Throat Chakra

Ajna – Third Eye Chakra

Sahasrara – Crown Chakra

After 10 minutes the frequencies change and we set up a new dominant electricial frequency in the brain. This stimulates the next chakra in the same way as the first.

We repeat this process for all 7 chakra; working, in sequence, from root to crown.

Now getting back to that big advantage !!!

You can use the chakra frequency set whilst you are doing other things ( reading, studying, working out, watching tv,etc,etc) because the chakras are indirectly stimulated by frequencies in the beta ( normal alert and awake state) range; so there is no need for quietness or meditative states to get the best out of this.

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Visualization Exercises


How to Get Better at Visualization

One key component of imagination is visualization. This is the ability to picture something in our mind and to actually see what it looks like.
While you can certainly be creative without having great visualization skills, they also undoubtedly help when it comes to picturing people and places that don’t exist. If you’re writing a story, or if you’re just thinking about things you’d like to do and accomplish, then visualization is a tool that will serve you very well.

But what if you’re the sort of person who can’t easily picture things in their mind’s eye? The answer is simple: you train it.

How to Train Your Mind’s Eye

The trick with training for visualization is to start with something simple. An easy way to do this is to look at an object on your desk in front of you or at the table. Now, while keeping your eyes open, imagine it rising up slowly and then turning around. As this happens, make sure to really concentrate on the details of the object, the way the light falls on it, what it looks like on the back, how it casts shadows on the desk.

Practice this and use it regularly, and that way, you will find that you slowly enforce the parts of your brain that you use for these kinds of tasks. Once you’ve done this, you can start to imagine things you can’t see: maybe an orange or a banana. The great thing about now creating objects from scratch is that you have to invent all of the smaller details from the spots on the banana to the color to the length.

Then start getting larger and more complex. Maybe imagine a computer. Or, perhaps, try imagining yourself inside a completely different environment. You can even try experimenting with an imaginary ‘happy place’.

Visual Memory

While creating objects and manipulating them can be tricky at first, something you may find easier is to visualize things that you remember and to visualize them accurately.

One way to practice this is to think of an environment you used to spend time in or that you have visited lately: perhaps a friend’s bedroom. Now, try and picture as many details of that room as you can. Think about where the door is in relation to the room, where the light comes in, where the CD player is, etc.

Not only does this help you train your visualization skills, it’s also a very interesting exercise that can reveal just how little you pay attention!

How Can Creative Visualization Help in Your Success and In Reaching Goals?

No matter who you are, where you originate from, or exactly what your supreme objectives are, creative visualization can assist you.

All of us wish to prosper in life, and success is going to indicate something various to each specific person. When you consider it, each of our forefathers was a success, since they continued to recreate and live. That bodes well for our possible success, too!

For one individual, success might indicate a huge home, a number of pricey automobiles, and a couple of unique holidays each year. To somebody else success implies a cabin in the woods with a woodstove and sufficient cut wood to make it conveniently through the winter season.

Creative visualization is one really effective method to see yourself through to whatever success indicates to you. By envisioning the wanted result, you can likewise artistically conceptualize the action steps you’ll have to require to get to that result. Momentum is essential here– when you’ve started practicing creative visualization, you’ll start to see modifications in your life that you might never ever have actually anticipated!

Creative visualization has actually likewise been utilized really effectively to alter unfavorable deep-rooted practices into favorable routines!

To be clear, visualization isn’t actually a method at all. Creative visualization focuses the mind on a particular truth or result. These are all typical visualization subjects.

Considering that time never-ceasing, thinking individuals have actually made use of visualization to obtain that which they wanted, however had actually not yet gotten or exactly what they desired to develop. In making use of creative visualization, one is much better able to manage the result, since that result has actually been focused on to the exemption of all else.

Creative visualization is a sensory procedure that includes all the senses together. By thinking of the whole experience, you’re much better able to concentrate on exactly what real action has to be considered that experience to take place.

No matter how much you understand exactly what requires to be done, you still do not do it. At the end, you are constantly hurrying to get the jobs done in time for the due date, developing terrible tension for yourself, and doing a less than outstanding task.

Utilizing creative visualization, you can assault this bad routine from a number of various angles. You can break down the “why” of the bad practice– possibly you do not seem like you understand enough to finish the job adequately, so you put it off– and after that you can move into the action steps you have to require to change that bad practice with a favorable one.

The next action would be to artistically visualize how you ‘d feel if you didn’t have that routine any longer. How excellent would it feel to have every work task arranged out and provided on time?

Creative visualization can hep you help yourself, and turn your bad practices into favorable action!
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Chakra Meditation Healing Energy and A Powerful Chakras Meditation Step by Step

Balance one or all your chakras and see exactly what a distinction it can make to your health and success.
Some Background initially and Understanding Chakra Meditation
It is commonly comprehended how meditation can enhance your general health and wellness, plus make your mind more serene. You can minimize tension and get a higher sense of satisfaction through proficient meditation.
Meditation provided for brief durations a few times a day has actually been revealed to alter the brain and make it much easier to carry out complex jobs. It is likewise utilized as a way of going beyond common idea and presence in an effort to accomplish knowledge, an increased frame of mind.
Practicing meditation by duplicating the mantra for each chakra, either by itself or in a series, can move your chakra energy.
7 Chakras Energy Centers Explained
The chakras are energy centers connected with a particular location of the body and specific kinds of energy which can be well balanced as well as amplified in order to result improvement in your life. The 7 chakras are referred to as being lined up in a rising column from the butts and rectum through to the top of the head. Each chakra has its own color and kind of energy.
Beginning with the bottom and working our method to the top, with the color of each chakra, we have:
1-The Root Chakra -red.
2-The Navel, Sex or Sacral Chakra -orange.
3-The Solar Plexus Chakra -yellow.
4-The Heart Chakra-green.
5-The Throat Chakra-blue.
6-The Third Eye Chakra-indigo.
7-The Crown Chakra-violet.
You will see that each chakra corresponds to a color of the rainbow or spectrum if you look at the colors noted. The recovery energy visualized as can be found in and from the crown chakra is typically revealed as white light, that is, the mix of all the colors of the spectrum.
The function of the chakras is to spin to send as well as draw in energy in order to keep the spiritual, psychological, physical and psychological health of the body in balance.
Exactly what are the energies consisted of in each chakra?
1-The Root Chakra-stability, having life’s basics, such as food, shelter and water.
A well balanced one indicates success and ease. Imbalance activates difficulty and greed.
2-The Navel, Sex or Sacral Chakra-passion, imagination, procreation.
Balance provide self-confidence and sexual magnetism. Imbalance produces timidity and the sensation of being stuck in a rut.
3-The Solar Plexus Chakra-willpower and individual power.
Balance offers the energy and inspiration to attain all your objectives. Imbalance indicates an absence of aspiration or momentum.
4-The Heart Chakra-love, empathy, compassion.
A well balanced heart chakra provides you consistency in all your relationships. An imbalanced one closes you off and makes you envious of others.
5-The Throat Chakra-communication.
A well balanced one assists you with all your spoken and composed interactions and permits you to take advantage of your genuine self. An imbalanced one leads to lying, gossiping and being a bad listener.
6-The Third Eye Chakra-intuition, knowledge.
A well balanced one assists you take advantage of your greater self and make connections with the spiritual. An imbalanced one makes you feel stuck or cut off from yourself.
7-The Crown Chakra-higher self.
A well balanced one leaves you open in spirit, mind and body. A closed one cuts you off from your greatest capacity and make you obstinate.
A Powerful Chakra Meditation Step by Step.
One really effective chakra meditation is to visualize each chakra one by one, beginning with the root chakra and working your method up. As you envision every one, feel it spinning and spreading its energy through every pore in your body. Photo yourself radiating love and true blessings outwards to every living being in the universe when you get to the crown chakra.
Work your method back down from the crown. Photo yourself getting all sorts of true blessings from deep space so that they fill your body with a radiant white light. Have that white light split up in to the colors of the spectrum, violet, indigo and so on, as you work your method back down all the chakras to the root chakra.
You can practice meditation lying or sitting down. You can likewise do it while resting and utilizing your chakra stones.
Chakra Stones.
They are stated to magnify the energy of each chakra they are put upon. Find out how to boost spiritual energies with chakra stones in a complimentary Chakras Stones Basics for Chakras newbies guide, below.
If you want, these can be utilized on your front or back and with massage. Location one stone or the complete set. They are stated to magnify the energy of each chakra they are positioned upon.
You can likewise utilize your important oils if you want. Stay up in this case and make sure that your oils are lined up in a row properly so you do not have to fumble for them and break your concentration.
The Benefits of Massage.
Touching the chakras is a great way to trigger them. You can put a finger or hand on each chakra to focus your attention. If you are having difficulty focusing, position your thumb on your 3rd eye.
You can rub the front of your very own body, such as your solar plexus or heart, to promote the chakra. If in prayer will work well for this, putting the hands in front of you as.
Because your chakras spin from front to back, back massage, particularly along the spinal column, is exceptional for moving energy. Have your massage therapist or partner start from the base of the spinal column and work upwards. This energetic flow is very much considered when designing a massage chair for therapists. The difference between a properly designed massage chair and a normal knock off is quite noticeable.

Include a necessary oil for the chakra you desire to work with, watered down in a massage oil such as sweet almond or coconut oil. Orange and lemon can be utilized for entire body chakra work to renew and stimulate.
Chanting Mantras
The mantras can be Chant  aloud or under your breath. They can be shouted while doing yoga or meditation. Om or AUM will work well no matter what you want to achieve if you cannot choose which to utilize.
Chakra meditation will work by itself, however attempt any or all these other recovery approaches to include range to your chakra work and see which provide you the very best outcomes for your health and vigor.

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The Miracle of Creative Visualization and Easily done Application

How do you mean to utilize innovative visualization? An excellent bulk of individuals use it to get product belongings. And obviously, there’s not a thing incorrect with this, however exactly what you might unknown is that innovative visualization enables the symptom of a lot more than easy items!
You can really alter your whole life if you make use of innovative visualization as it is planned. Whether it is the power of tip or something larger, the belief in exactly what you are actually trying to acquire is more powerful than you understand. Focusing and focusing on an extremely particular result can, undoubtedly, cause it.
Goodman was an extremely effective insurance coverage salesperson who was fluent in innovative visualization. He had, in truth, utilized it to construct his whole insurance coverage company.
In the 1980’s, soon after an airplane crash, Morris was paralyzed, not able to utilize any part of his human body other than his gray matter, and not able to breath on his own with the aid of a ventilator.
Regretfully, medical professionals were not confident that he would ever breathe or stroll on his own ever once again. His household was informed, and strategies were made to offer Morris the very best lifestyle that he might have with his brand-new restrictions.
While still in the healthcare facility, Morris interacted with the personnel and his own household by blinking his eyes. Exactly what he informed them stunned everyone– that he intended on going out of the health center on his own.
Morris utilized the procedure of imaginative visualization to see and feel himself breathing and strolling all on his own. He saw exactly what it would appear like when he left the medical facility, as well as the really path he would take house.
He pictured the astonished looks he ‘d obtain from passers-by, and the smile he ‘d return their awe with.
At one point, he encouraged the medical personnel that he wished to try breathing on his own. He declared he had a desire to breathe on his own and he wished to attempt. They eliminated the ventilator tube, and he did undoubtedly breathe on his own.
From that point on, his healing handled a life of it’s own, and in time, he went out of the health center on his own 2 feet– something that the medical facility personnel never ever believed they ‘d see.
He continued with his effective insurance coverage service, as well as ended up being an inspirational speaker, showing that it just takes the mind and imaginative visualization to alter your whole world.
The extremely concept of imaginative visualization is based on the principle of envisioning something various, something that you prefer or desire. You are then much better able to make that desire or require a truth exactly due to the fact that of the visualization procedure. With imaginative visualization thinking leads to working and forward motion.
All of this implies that innovative visualization is a powerful tool for self-development. With imaginative visualization you can decrease or establish and get rid of frustrating habits and make the most of favorable habits.
Like anything worth doing, innovative visualization is a procedure which gets much better and offers more complete satisfaction the more it is utilized. Practice does certainly make best when it comes to imaginative visualization.

How do you mean to utilize innovative visualization? If you make use of imaginative visualization as it is meant, you can really alter your whole life. The extremely concept of innovative visualization is based on the principle of thinking of something various, something that you want or desire. Like anything worth doing, innovative visualization is a procedure which gets much better and supplies more fulfillment the more it is utilized. Practice does undoubtedly make best when it comes to innovative visualization.

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Creative Visualization, Meditation and the Power of Thought Can Achieve All Your Dreams and More

Look around you at the people you know and do this little exercise. Simply look at a person’s life and accomplishments or lack thereof, look at their relationships and maybe even their economical state on the surface if you can. You most likely will find a good correlation in a person’s attitude, their outlook, beliefs, and actions with the circumstances in their lives. The thoughts of these people and the daily exposure to the books they read or don’t, the movies they watch, the news , their spiritual beliefs or lack of, even relationships all led to beliefs embedded in their subconscious minds. These beliefs then led to actions so even though they may be consciously unaware, they have attracted their circumstances.


The Magic of Visualization with Tony Robbins

Now look at your own life. You may say no way did I attract this life of mine. Maybe you have lived through failed relationships or have had debt just pile up. It could very well be that you were unaware of some detrimental programming of your subconscious. You may have had beliefs become a part of you at an early age or throughout your life that became a driving force for you where your own vibrations were not in harmony with the universe and subsequently led to an unfavorable condition. It is very possible that you focused intently on what you did not want and this in turn led to you getting more of the exact thing you did not want. This seems to be the little joke of the universe that whatever you concentrate on with a laser like focus , even negatively will become your reality.

Sounds simple to control. Well it most certainly is not. Most people cannot intensely focus on a single thought , idea or even an object for just 17 seconds without an unrelated image or thought popping in your mind. However, your mind and thoughts can be trained to reprogram your subconscious to attain your deepest desires and dreams.

Again this is not so simple. It takes learning the steps and repeated practice . You’ll need to recognize old unwanted negative programming and replaced it with positive thoughts and attaining your intended goals. Tools that can accomplish this for you are creative visualization, meditation and gratitude.

Creative visualization is basically consciously visualizing what you want as if you already have it or that it is your strongest intention. This can be accomplished through various methods as visual, auditory and kinesthetic .

In the visual method, the person sees images in his mind. When a person uses this method, they see pictures and watch the whole event play out in their mind with each picture or image representing something. The auditory method is based on visualizing with words and sounds. In addition to the images mentioned in visualizing a person generates sounds to cause the right emotion to surface. The kinesthetic method relies on a persons emotions playing a dominant role reinforcing the visualization image. The person will actually imagine feeling the results and what it would be like once they have whatever it is they want manifested.

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Choose one method that works for you and use it regularly. This is of utmost importance. This routine everyday is to train your mind and exercise your mind muscle so you can get used to it. After you are comfortable with one method, add another and then the third method. When you can practice al three regularly, you will begin to master creative visualization. A word of warning when you first start out, old images from your previous subconscious programming When you begin to visualize for the first time, and you see images come up in your mind , your previous subconscious programming may enter here and try to discourage you from continuing to see those images. Just ignore these voices inside you and concentrate on the new positive image only. With practice you will rid your subconscious of any old negative thoughts completely.

When you are in a state of gratitude, you are vibrating with the universe in a positive harmonious way and therefore whatever your event, condition, or circumstance you are focusing on will easily appear in your life. It is the unharmonious state that we want to avoid.

Meditation , lastly , is the best way to reprogram your subconscious. Once in the meditative state, you can reach the subconscious directly. You can communicate or even talk with your subconscious mind. Really, although it is often best to just relax and listen.

Meditation is a powerful tool and many very successful people use it every day with benefits as balancing you emotionally, mentally, and even physically, even having less stress, anxiety, depression and fewer mood-swings and more. Meditation can also go into your subconscious, find your negative blocks, and replace them with non-blocking thoughts that will help to advance your career,instead of hindering it.

Directing positive goal oriented thoughts into your subconscious mind on a long-term basis is what will bring you success as you define it. After all , you are the person thinking your thoughts , forming your belief system and creating actions that will manifest your desires.

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